Monday, November 7, 2016

Exploring Composition

I was given an assignment this semester in which I was encouraged to explore different techniques to create an interesting composition in my photographs. The project was nice because it reminded me of the importance of positioning the subject of my images in a way that will be visually pleasing in the photographs that I capture. The first image I would like to share with you is an image in which I focused on centering my subject and trying to have balance when it came to the items on either side of my subject. The second image that I have posted below is an image where I focused on using the edge of the frame to draw your eye towards the subject. I particularly enjoy this photograph because of the way the lights lining the side of the building as well as the line created by the edge of the building meeting the pavement both intersect right by the subject. I find these lines very visually pleasing because of the way they draw your attention in towards the subject of the image making him the focal point of the photograph.

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