Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Reaction Paper: Visit to Jim Lennon's Studio

On Monday, September 26th I had the pleasure of visiting Jim Lennon's Photography Studio. It was a wonderful experience to get to see what a real professional photography studio was like. I was there with a class of my peers from the photography program I am currently enrolled in on a field trip. Jim Lennon and his wife offered a refreshing take on the business involved in being a professional studio photographer if you want to own your own studio.

Jim spent a majority of the time that we were in his studio explaining the financial needs involved in keeping a studio functioning. Jim encouraged us to be serious about our careers as photographers by not allowing ourselves to get caught up in the art and to stay grounded in the financial needs of your business while allowing creativity when it is appropriate to do so. Jim challenged us to take the business aspect of things seriously.

This serious aspect of Jim's advice should have been scary as he tossed around the specific details of the large number of jobs that you would need and money you'd need to make in order to keep your business functioning but rather than feeling fear I was overcome by excitement. Something that you probably don't know about me is that I love math. So the fact that if I choose to run my own studio one day I would need to be crunching numbers all of the time was a bit of a dream come true. This meant that owning a studio would combine my two favorite things: photography and math.

There was a moment as we were walking through Jim Lennon's studio that I caught myself thinking "I could see myself doing this forever and never getting bored" and for me that was the best feeling because I've always feared getting caught up doing a job that I hate. Finding photography was an answer to prayer because it honestly is my dream job. Walking through the studio I was excited about the possibility of owning a studio being apart of my future.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see Jim Lennon's studio and to hear some of the things he was willing to share about what he has learned in his time as a successful professional photographer. I am so excited to be starting my journey into professional photography. The lessons that Jim was willing to share are valuable lessons that I will always cherish. I would definitely recommend taking a trip to visit a studio if photography is something you are passionate about.

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