Monday, September 26, 2016

Reaction Paper: Photoville

This weekend September 21st-25th Brooklyn Bridge Plaza was home to its 5th annual Photoville. I attended with a friend on Thursday evening and it was unlike anything else I've ever experienced. I loved the layout of the event. I think that the idea of having the exhibitions in storage containers is brilliant. Having the event layout the way it was made the whole event feel more creative. Photoville was not only an incredible environment to appreciate photographs but it was also a wonderful environment to capture images.
The location of Photoville right near the Brooklyn Bridge was a wonderful choice in my opinion because a large percent of the audience attending Photoville are photographers.The location is a beautiful location to take photographs. After I had walked through Photoville rather than leaving I chose to walk around the surrounding park and I'm so glad I did because I was able to capture some wonderful images. The view of the Manhattan skyline on that clear skied Thursday night was absolutely breathtaking.
Another aspect of Photoville that I really enjoyed was that the images being shown were current. I feel like I personally have seen so many historic photographs so it was a refreshing change to see images that are being created currently. I specifically enjoyed seeing the images of seniors in different photographic imaging programs in the state. I enjoyed seeing the works of these photographers because I am personally still trying to decide on what I want to do concerning my own personal education after I graduate from the program I am currently in.
Another portion of Photoville that I loved was the photographs of the Ebola outbreak. I really enjoyed these photographs because I found those images to be an incredible window into a tragic event that's occurred within the world. I am seriously considering pursuing photo journalism because I love the transformative power of photography to travel somewhere you never would have been able to actually encounter. I love the idea of being able to take images that will show people what's going on in the world and allow them to connect emotionally with something completely foreign to them.
I loved Photoville and I am already looking forward to attending again next year. I am so glad that I was able to go and experience this amazing event. Photoville gave me a large amount of insight on what is current in photography today as well as offered me a really interesting and exciting location to capture images.

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